App Collections

AppFollow allows unite apps by theme, platforms, competitors, languages, countries, etc. You choose yourself how to arrange apps in the most convenient way. This feature is called App Collections.
In order to create a new collection you need to select "Add new apps collection..." on the main page:
Enter all necessary data such as App Collection Name and other parameters (e.g. countries for App Store and/or languages for Google Play). You can also add email address to receive regular updates. (If you want to receive reports to more than one email, write recipients names separated by commas.) 
Importantly, all reports generated by AppFollow are based on your app collections. There are 4 report types:
Reviews – what users think about the apps you follow
What's New – what are the updates and new versions
Ranks – how apps are placed in category tops
Keywords – which keywords are the most effective 
Each report can be sent either on a Daily or Weekly basis.
The collections can be edited at any time. Just press "Settings" on the bottom right corner. 

Bulk settings for integrations in app collections

If you frequently use Slack, HipChat, Trello or Zendesk, it's possible to receive notifications about all apps from one collection at once by setting up the integration

Bulk settings for integrations will automatically expand if you add new apps to the collection later.

However, keep in mind that bulk settings for app collection take precedence over settings for single apps.

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