API: Description, Methods & Examples

AppFollow API

You can use AppFollow API to create your own dashboards, real time tracking features and custom reports. Access to API is open for Free plan as well as for all Premium plans. 

API Base URL: http://api.appfollow.io

Messages' format — JSON 

Format requests — GET/POST

To get access to our API you need:

  • cid — client’s ID

  • api_secret — clients secret key

You can get these parameters in your personal account settings: http://watch.appfollow.io/settings/general

All data requests to AppFollow should be signed. Signature is following after "sign" parameter.

How to create signature

sign = md5(

sorted request parameters in following format:

parameter’s name and parameter’s meaning,

API method (URI path, e.g.: /test),


Signature example: sign = md5(cid=124ext_id=903655975/reviewsAppFollow-124-565cc38f8)

Handling Errors

In case there are any errors, server answer would be in JSON format, status 200 (except mistakes 502 и 504).

Error example: http://api.appfollow.io/sdsd

API Methods

Find main API Methods in this article, such as:

1. App collections list

2. List of apps from the collection

3. Reviews

4. Ratings

5. Rankings

6. Keywords

7. ASO Suggest

8. ASO Search Ads

9. ASO Trending 

Request Examples

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