Adding Apps for Tracking

To start tracking apps and getting strategic data, you need to add them to your AppFollow account. Our service supports App Store, Google Play and Windows Store. Here is a simple guide designed to help you to add apps for tracking.

Way #1 Go to app collection and click green button at the left top corner +Add new app:


Way #2 Open the list of app collections and click Plus:  

Way #3 Go to app collection and click Add new app...:  

  • Type the name of the app and click Add to collection:

Sometimes you have to scroll down until the end of the page in order to find necessary app. Switch between App Store, Google Play or Windows Store to add any app you need.


In case you still can't find needed app, try to search by the direct link from App Store, Google Play or Windows Store:

You can also try to switch country or language. It’s possible that the app you’re looking for has not been launched or is limited to few countries or regions.

Pay attention that AppFollow has its own search algorithms. It means subsequence of search results will be different from what you may see on your iPhone, Android or Windows device.

Once you add the first app to your collection, you will see the following screen:



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