Setting Up Slack Integration

You can tracks app activities in App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store in real time using AppFollow Slack integration.

It allows to receive the following alerts: 

  • New & updated reviews, 
  • Ranks changes, 
  • Search results changes (for particular keywords), 
  • App updates,
  • App featuring.

That's how reviews will look like in Slack:App Reviews in Slack channel via AppFollow

It's easy to see reviews that were changed in Google Play. If your review has been updated by user, it will be marked with the bell symbol and tag Updated



Below you can see how changes in keywords and ranking positions will appear in Slack:

Ranks & Keywords Changes in Slack channel via AppFollow

There are 2 main ways to set-up Slack integration:

1) "Add to Slack" button

Just press "Add to Slack" and sign in. it's easy like that. You can find this button:

  • On the app card:

AppFollow Slack Example 1

  • On the app description page:

AppFollow Slack Example 2


  • In intergations settings:

You can also click on Slack logo on the app collection page:


2) WebHook URL

If you are concerned about privacy or do not have admin access to Slack team that needs integration, you can use webhook. 

Instead of using "Add to Slack", you can add Slack channel WebHook URL.

How to find the URL in Slack?

  • Copy Slack Webhook URL.

  • Paste the copied link in the appropriate fields in AppFollow.

Every app is added to Slack separately. That helps you decide which Slack channel should receive data about a particular app. For instance, you can divide iOS and Android reviews. Or you can set up export of negative comments (1-2 stars) and positive ones (3-5 stars) to different channels.

With the help of our integration, you'll be able to do the following as well:

  • Search the user by pressing his / her name under any review
  • Reply to the reviews (only for Google Play)
  • Access permalink for any review 
  • Translate reviews  
  • Add tags by redirecting to your personal AppFollow account



To switch on the "Reply" feature (available for Google Play apps) you have to set-up integration with Google Play. It's possible via Account Developer ID or OAuth Client ID


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