Integration with Google Play via OAuth

Integration with Google Play Developer Console improves the way you can work with Google Play reviews.

What exactly will you get?

  • Reviews will be exported directly from Developer console,
  • Every review will be exported with additional parameters, such as: app_version_code, app_version_name and device,
  • It will be possible to Reply to Google Play reviews right from AppFollow. 
  • Opportunity to see what version of an app is used by the user that left a review.*

*The number of version will be displayed only for new reviews written within the last 7 days. 

How to set up the integration? 

1. Open Integrations menu (Integrations Setup) on the Google Play tab (More details about accessing this menu here).

�2. You will then see two fields: Client ID and Client secret.

Open Google Play Developer Console to get this data. What's next?

  • 2.1 Go to Settings > API account

    You should have a right to access this part of console, e. g. owner of the account

  • 2.2 In the opened window press "Create OAuth Client"

  • 2.3 Next, go to Google Play API Manager by selecting "View in Google Developers Console":

  • 2.4 In console click on created ID name:

  • Under title "Credentials" you will see your Client ID and Client secret. Copy them and paste into AppFollow settings. Don't forget to press "Save"!

    At this point your initial set-up is done but there are few more steps before you are done.

3. Find the code for OAuth client — see "get this code here". Once you've done it, your browser will open a new window suggesting to log in Google Play.

4. Log in and give the permission to access your account in Google Play. You will then get a code for OAuth client.
ATTENTION: To do so you have to log in under the name of Google-user that is having access to developer console for necessary apps. Lowest access level: "Visibility" and "Reply to reviews".

5. Paste this code into the appropriate field in AppFollow. Click "Save" — now it's all done!


Sometimes after finishing set-up, you might see the following error on Google when trying to login: 

How to fix it?

Open your Settings of your Google Play console and fill in all empty fields.


This article talks about how to set-up the integration with Google Play via OAuth client. There is a second type of integration — via Account Developer ID


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