Reply to Google Play Reviews

Reply to Google Play Reviews

Keeping an eye on reviews is very important for fixing bugs and improving app in general. Some app developers also find beneficial to interact with users who leave comments about the app. It helps to find out more details about existing issues, get better feedback and just thank someone for his/ her input.  

Currently AppFollow allows replying to reviews from Google Play and here is a short guide on how to do it.

  1. Set-up the settings

 Reply feature is available only for accounts integrated with Google Play. You can set-up the integration in two ways:

Simple Way:

Integration with Google Play via Account Developer ID

Full Integration:

Integration with Google Play via OAuth

When it’s ready you can start communicating with your Android users via AppFollow.


  1. Reply to your users

When you open Reviews from your users in AppFollow, you will find a set of tabs under each comment. We explained how each of them works in article User Reviews. Now we focus on the first tab you see Reply:



If you monitor reviews via Slack or other task managers, the tab Reply is still the very first one under each review:



Pressing the button will redirect you either to Google Play Developer Console or to a new page in AppFollow.

Here you can type your response and submit it by clicking Send. 

Btw sometimes users change their minds after a good reply and update the review. It’s easy to notice such reviews as they have a bell symbol and and a tag Updated:










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